I'm leslyn

As a Black woman, millennial, local small business owner and activist, I believe I have what it takes to bring a strong and inclusive voice to council. It is what’s needed to deal with the problems and challenges many Calgarians are facing.

I'm a born and raised Calgarian and life-long resident of the Northeast, I recognize that the Northeast is one of the most culturally vibrant parts of the city and it deserves to be celebrated, not ignored or avoided.

My grandfather held public office in the Caribbean island of Nevis in the 1930s and now, I hope to follow in his footsteps here in Calgary.

My hope is to bring more diversity and trust to local politics. I also want to build a sense of pride for Ward 10. I feel as though some of us think, ‘this is what we deserve, this is the NorthEast, no one’s going to help us.’ So we don’t ask for anything. This is the narrative of NorthEast Calgary I’m hoping to change.


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